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Action Bronson - Galactic Love Lyrics

Uh... Do me a favor over there, light the candle
Is that the Hawaiian, Raymond?
I get the same one every single time, I don't understand this...

[Action Bronson]
At the piano with a glass of pino
All red silk like I'm Nino, custom made shit
I weight 140 kilos, sneeze on 100 G's
Hoes on they knees blow from Montego
The way my hair look, you swear my name was Rodrigo
Lay low, if you can't do it then just say no
If you ain't built to play this game then you get halo'd
I put a lot of fiends in k-holes

Hello? (...Hi!) Wassup, mama?
(I just watched {*boing!*} performed)
How do you feel about it?
(It ain't you baby, HAHAHAHA~! You're better than all these shitheads!)

I'm just a bastard with a bad habit
Bad back in a black Volkswagen Rabbit
Shit, I gotta have it, black magic woman put a spell on me
Fuck around and win a spelling bee
I could walk under ladders, still won the lotto
Ten minutes flat, built a boat in a bottle
Roy Rogers bathroom, sniffin coke with a model
Told her to Google me, shit I might paint the Cougar green
All this lechuga in my jeans
I still see Freddy Kruger in my dreams
Ain't nothing moving but the cream
Shit, know I do it for team

(I just wanna hear them announce your name, that's all I care about)
How's your knee?
(My knee is... It's not bad these past few days)
You been alright?

That's all I care about
Took a meeting up at Paramount, typecast as a romantic lead
I'm classically trained for drug dealin
But I wasn't good at drug dealin, so I flipped shit, rug, ceiling
Dry water, five daughters all stood 5'4"
All got 5 quarters for the store
...Fuck~! Who knows what I'm sayin anymore, man?
Just... my mind is shot, been workin so motherfuckin hard
So... 'bout to light this motherfuckin dab up
'Til the next time, peace

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