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Aceyalone - Junior Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Junior lyrics performed by Aceyalone. We have tried to make the Junior song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

yo what up
this is aceyalone
this is habit

yo, let me tell you a story real quick about one of my partners
about this cat i know
one of my homeboys
and we just gone call him junior

yeah, junior got some money just for bein a good kid
he sealed it up and never even opened up the lid
girls gave him candy cus he treated em nice
he took it home and chopped it up and doubled up the price
mrs. thomas at the parent conference said he was honest
she was astonished at his confidence and what he accomplished
he respected his elders but he knew who he liked
he listened before he talked and he never would fight
its like, everybody knew him that he wanted to know him
and every time he did something for him they felt that they owe him
he was learnin the life game that no one would show him
he had more than a idea of where he was goin
he grew into a young man and gained some trust

Aceyalone lyrics

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