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Abortus - Tortured Lyrics

My mentality has taken me to paranoid realities.
My mind is a mess
I can't bare to see
The more I lose focus, the more my grip slips.
Off this pain pain worse than death
Of that life that I dream

I know my life is pain
Accepted my life is pain
From the outside, looking inward
At myself I see

I'm permanently tortured
I'm losing this game
I've lived in a world
That's drove me insane
Sanity lies raptured
Splintered all visions
Permanently tortured
I'm lost, I'm losing this game

I look to my future, there's nothing there to see
I am nothing more than an image of me
Psychiatric visions, losing strength each
Blood runs from my eyes, on my knees I pray

Abortus lyrics