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A.tone Da Priest - They Don't Care Lyrics

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They don't care bout your ass, this world's about money
Without dollars lacking cash your life ain't worth
It's disgusting, a handful divide and exploit
Appointed to power by cowards towering dough cause they
Hate and violence as a means for accomplishing goals
Yea the flames from hell scorching but they scold so
Makin it so hard to hold, on to any sanity
Granted these, demons devise schemes and keep a hand in
Destruction of human kind, money distraction for feeble
Providing the foundation for hatin, a reason to adapt
To crime
A reason to carry a nine, protect what mine bury more
Cause they sold us this dream bout freedom but never
Really told us
Say they want my mind soul and my body, fuck illuminati
I'll be damned if I'm not the man I'll play the pawn for
Can't keep control they getting sloppy, we findin out
They secrets
And defying the system man half these niggas neva
Sposed to be shit
You see it takes a sacrifice to make them see
That we will not stand for their lies, here my cries
Make it me
And set me free, can't be too extreme they'll strike
You down
And enforce a monarchy with a sovereign king one crown
Gun down the opposition anyone who choose to stop and
Say why, you die at the hands of a man who don't want
Or value your breath man, another statistic means for
In the bank of the men who send tanks, bombs and planes
Play the world like a chess set just cause

Manipulation, creatin a state which debases
Places minds in captivity split by these races
This fake shit, is intertwined in our society
Providing the world with a structure that's bound to
Hit the G
R-O-U-N-D, can I borrow more time from the
Man, in demand is the request I set for being free
Oh Jesus they here your words but they are lost to us
It tough to paint a picture when you never received a
So confused by what I lust I was convinced I should
To be the driver of a Benz, not seek a mental plain
That's higher
How can I fuel my fire, when every time it grows it's
Since time begun, oppression been our lesson this just
To remind em son that

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