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A.tone Da Priest - The Sun Lyrics

I saw the sun, in the sky this morning
Life must move on, there is too much for me
I saw the sun, in the sky this morning
Sparked my spliff still stankin in and yawnin
I'm on it, ready for whatever my decisions
Based on what I see around close my mouth and listen
Int this, vision beautiful around
Feel tha air, see the light, take a breath, hear the
In the now, the present, the past is irrelevant
You dwellin, still regressin, no succession and it's
Irreverent no, I advocate advancement
Aidem motivation for those who ain't had the chance yet
Immaculate, as if the whistle was me
My existence in bliss, intrinsic to be
Free, accountable for any n every action
Stackin chips makin flips with the backing of my
Ask him, I ain't tryna put it in a caption
The words out my mouth get me clout to bring me cash in

Life must move on, there's to much to see and do
Things for me to make my dreams come true
It's a new day, and I must find a way
To get this money, I gotta get pay
Stay up in the sky, fly dammit I'm fresh
Stressed, chest pass move while I blow my cess
I'm on quest, ridin answers in fronta me
Mind pass the time flyin thinking something bumpin deep
Sounds, pound while swisher sweet leaks smoke
Keep bank rolls, on patrol with my heat tote
Pain, for anyone who think my lives a game
N grained, n my brain is my enemies names
And it constantly gains, cause it's me against the
Like Pac said right shot dead, with no chance to unfurl
Pearl vision in the distance keep my eyes on that prize
Rise every single morning soaring high in bed I fry

A.tone Da Priest lyrics