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A Global Threat - Money, Lies And Real Estate Lyrics

filthy, fucking landlords, apartments up for rent

cheating, lying, swindling tenants of their every cent

paying them for housing, you need somewhere to sleep

they're concerned with nothing but their profit property

money, lie and real estate are so easy to conceal

who are they gonna answer to they're taking all we're worth

just scumbags and parasites, they're renting out the earth

living off your misery and they don't give a fuck

you payed your rent your money's spent and now you're fucking stuck

money, lies and real estate, or whatever they can steal

people put their trust in others hoping for the best

then they're getting ripped off by the people who infest this system

and society and plague it with their lies conmen in disguise

don't care about conditions, there's a slum here for a price

sign on the line right here because they know you have no choice

filthy fucking landlords are just conmen in disguise

conmen in disguise

money, lies conmen in disguise

A Global Threat lyrics