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A Day To Remember - Life Lessons Learned The Hard Way Lyrics

Life lessons learned the hard way
4 people waited in a random white unmarked van
Parked outside your hotel high rise garage
To use a tire iron to break the bones inside your legs
Too bad you never came outside that's all right, cause in the end you'll get wrecked
Yeah in the end you'll get wrecked
I heard a little girl killed herself today, that bloods on your hands (it's on your hands)
When everyone knows your face nothings safe. You'll live your life as a fucking target.
You've earned my disgust
You've earned my disgust

A Day To Remember lyrics

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Copyright: Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., MOTHERSHIP MUSIC PUBLISHING

Songwriters: Andrew Robert Wade, Chad Gilbert, Jeremy Wade McKinnon, Kevin Patrick Skaff, Neil Westfall, Thomas Denney