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A Brighter Balance - A Brighter Balance Lyrics

Below you can find the popular A Brighter Balance lyrics performed by A Brighter Balance. We have tried to make the A Brighter Balance song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

I've searched, my whole life
For a treasure I won't find
But I kept trying

I see now it's not a thing,
It's the dreamer and the dream
I've found it; a brighter balance

How can you say you've found what you're looking for?
When you're always wanting more
Be content with what's in store
So live your life and I'll live mine
Have no regrets and you'll be fine
Now it's clear, a brighter balance is here

Now you see, what you need is free
It's not the cash and fame, but lives you change that matters in the scheme
Of things
See, this right here is key
So take the life you live and give to those you need
A brighter balance

A Brighter Balance lyrics