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A$ap Ferg - Thug Cry Lyrics

15 years of my life, I was locked in prison
Thought shit would hold me down, but the clock kept on ticking
Time kept on slipping, plus I just got sentenced
Now my collect calls got your bills going ballistic
I should've been there taking care of the children
And I worried about all them snot-nosed women
While I was in Carolina flipping birds in the kitchen
You heard that wasn't the only type of birds I was flipping

[Chorus: Tinashe]
I can make a thug cry, tonight
Watch me make a thug cry, tonight
Cause that's how true love is supposed to be, ain't it?
When it feels so good it shakes all your belief, baby
I can make a thug cry, tonight
(I can make you cry tonight, tonight)
I can make a thug cry, tonight

Then I got married to you, Richard Porter didn't do it
He was too busy getting busy, all of which was foolish
I know you tired of all of my "didn't do it"s
All of my promises and all of my "I'mma prove it"s
You knew something was up when I all of a sudden took two trips
Two trips turned into too many excuses
I gotta hustle two more months, babe, just two flips
Meanwhile, you had me a child and he was toothless
I was living wild down south, had me a new bitch
Brought her ass a brand new car, lived in a new crib
Hmm, second child on the way, juggling two bibs
Then you got a call from shawty like "bitch, who this?"
This is why it finished, baby mama, he got two kids
Tell his funky ass that I'm leaving, fucking doofus
Afraid to come home cause I know what I did was stupid
And you still forgave my stupid ass, uh


There's something about you
Baby we got to get lost in the moment
You and me only

And now that I'm locked up, I expect you to stay
Like somebody coming to kill you and expect you to lay
You stopped sending commisary durags upon me
Guess you figured that other chick'd take care of my ways
Don't you forget you're my wife, like that meant something
Then blow kisses in the phone like that did something
Then you stopped my visits, heard you got pregnant
By that nigga, I just act like "y'all been fucking"
But I knew that wasn't true, you was just tired
And somewhere in your heart, my love sit higher
But a good man is what you desire
And this is what it sound like when a thug crying, I'm crying


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