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A$ap Ferg - This Side Lyrics

[Chorus: A$AP Ferg x2]
On this side kids do drugs
On this side kids gang bang
On this side better know your codes
On this side damu hang
On this side we talk slang
On this side we the hat gang
In the Bronx that's the mac game
That's what happened when OG Mack came home

[A$AP Ferg]
The first time I smoked weed, it was with Bloody Rose
Skinny black motherfucker corn rows to the back
Had a knack to say brrrrrat
Had three cigarette burns in his arm, he wore a gat in his clothes
He said "I'mma be blood 'til the day I die Fergie when you coming home"
His little brother Donny was my best friend and he was a blood
And his daddy in the pen and he was too
And his mom ya ya even she was a blood
Donny had a set called LN-Dub they wore a
burgundy flag to show their bloody love
For 31 seconds in an elevator baa like a hundred niggas
Go nigga rep your blood your thug
They came back with stories like we just got a popping
Still breathing hard cause that Glock 9 was popping
They hear bodies dropping, the opposites dying
Your son is gone and a few momma crying
You know I ain't lying for satisfying
Shit done got turnt up and bullets was flying
Couple niggas got burnt up due to all this violence
All you hear is the sound of the doosh doosh but no sirens

[Chorus x2]

Pop pop blllllrat rat
Tony mentioned he ain't the only one to get you smacked
On this side niggas got fat gats
Point them at the enemy and go bllllrat rat
Nigga nigga I'm from Bompton
If you grew up in the hood you got no option
If you ran into the hood then that's your problem
Hi mom I'm a blood now what you know bout it
On this side niggas getting DP'd
Get your ass whooped in front of all your hommies
This the type shit to have a motherfucking bitch ass nigga snitching on his homies
So I'm bicken back being bool (I'm bicken back being bool)
I' m bicken back being bool (I'm bicken back being bool)
Red everything iPhone cases to my shoes
Know all of my bloods say soo-woo

[Chorus x2]

[A$AP Ferg]
Momma said Darold don't wear red it's a bunch
of black boys cutting boys ear to ear
I went to Bloody Rose room we fucked the bitches there
I was only fourteen years old in that pussy hair
It was drawings of bugs bunny on the wall
With Yosemite Sam his gun was tall
Backwards clothes on like Kriss Kross
Man this shit is looney toon who did this shit dawg
I was gang affiliated like Shakur
Rest in Peace to who ain't make it man, I'm pissed off
They live by it so they dying by the pistol
And they hate to see a nigga pop Cristal
Shit dawg every time I think about that shit dawg
Pour another bottle let the floor dissolve
Then glug 'til a nigga can't see shit
This is for my thug niggas who I used to be with
All that bitch do is run her mouth, nigga
On the right but that bitch got a Sprint phone
Man she got about 100 acres
Enough yard for me to put a couple Benz's on
And I just pop me a perc
I might fuck that bit

A$ap Ferg lyrics

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Songwriters: Darold Ferguson, Keenon Daequan Jackson