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50 Cent - Everytime I Come Around Lyrics

[Intro: 50 Cent]
Two Eye, D eye
Two Eye, D eye

[Hook: 50 Cent]
I'm on its
Everytime I come around, me I keep my gun around
Its never on safety
I'm on it
Niggas know when I'm around, fuck around its goin' down
Know its a [?]
Ring around the rosies, pockets full of OZ's
Niggas gettin' cake made
Fuck with the homies while I got it on me
You'll get your [?]

[Verse 1: 50 Cent]
You niggas ain't seen shit yet, One fourth moves and I click clack
That oo wop but y'all spit that, that hard white I flip that
That bad bitch get my dick wet, bet how hot can my shit get
Boy [?] your ass checked, got 10 mil my last check
Bitches stay where that cash at, diamonds on me I flash that
That rari' [?] I mash that, you pussy niggas I laugh at
That fuck shit that keep fuck niggas be doin' man I'm passed that
Hood nigga down there on wall street, my stock run across [?]
[?] time piece, ridin' around my [?]
These broke niggas so grimy, I let em' hold the steel
I tell em' shoot to kill, I put south side on my back
I ain't talkin' bout' no check
When I'm outta town I hold it down I mean everywhere I'm at

[Hook: 50 Cent]

[Verse 2: Kidd Kidd]
Throw my niggas crazy stupid, koo koo got a loose screw
I might get him with that two two, if my bullets went more doo doo
My bitch come from Honolulu, where they [?]
Put it on a drain and shoot you, and if they dont have a [?] from it
[?] don't know voodoo, will I show you how to shoot you
If I get caught I dont [?], I pick up the phone call [?]
He gonna bail me out in seconds, please don't let this rap shit fool you
I send shooters to your home, see I don't need know songs to move you
My gorilla goin' oo oo, While your family could lose you
Would you win a box like [?], [?] bitch pull down your tu-tu
WHen the ballers gettin' money all I know is we need [?]
Speakin' only in my Rida' gang, know what we gonna do to you

[Hook: 50 Cent]

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