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2pac - Got My Mind Made Up (remix) Lyrics

[Verse 1: 2Pac]
So mandatory my elevation my lyrics like orientation
So you can be more familiar with the nigga you facing
We must be patient nothing better than communication
Known to damage and highly flamable like gas stations
Sorry I left that ass waiting
No more procrastination give up to fate, and get that ass shaking
I'm busting and making motherfuckers panic
Don't take your life for granted put that ass in the dirt
You swear the bitch was planted
My lyrics motivate the planet
It's similar to Rhythm Nation
but thugged out, forgive me Janet
Who's in control I'm activating your souls
You know, the way the games get controlled
you, two years ago, a friend of mine
Told me Alize and Cristal blows your mind
Bear witness to the dopest fucking rhyme I wrote
Taking off my coat, clearing my throat

I got my mind made up, come on
Give it, got it good
It's time to ride nigga
Tonight's the night

[Verse 2: Hussein Fatal]
It's the name game same thang
Everywhere gang bang
Gang bang anywhere Hussein ain't changed man
Dirty South, east to west
Even on chain Gangs
Yard's dale any dale Riker's the same (same) man
But ain't the way I was trained
Somehow remain sane
Can't change the calibers aim
So feel my pain man
Love me for how I made it with Pac
But woulda liked me dead in a
Box, only when he gave me the shots
Yeah right, things just ain't the same for gangsters
Hardcore artists this year to change to wanksters
Me I dont worry I just aim the stainless
You get to shoot me for a number and a name
And thank (thanks)
Niggaz talk so I walk like there's something on my mind
Really ain't nothing on my mind
just a greedy motherfucker with a fuckin' greedy delivery
The last of the last dying breed ballin with me

[Verse 3: Young Noble]
Walk a mile in my timbs
Better yet, take a ride on my rims
So you can see for yourself I was destined to win
I went from baggin' them niggaz to serving them fiends
To writing them hits and livin' my dreams,
So speak for those who ain't got no voice
We reaching those who ain't got no choice
Listen, criminal mind all the time waiting for Judgement Day
Trying hard nigga looking at the sun don't pay
He added fuel to the fire
I refuse to retire
Comin up, I guess I seen too much
I'm young with an old soul
Young Noble a black rose
E.D.I, Young Cap, Hussein and Kastro
Homie, this ain't nothing but a soldier's story
You bitches, take pictures of our road to glory
I'm a outlaw, ain't no denying that
Hostile, ghetto gospel, apostle crap (nigga)

I got my mind made up, come on
Give it, got it good
It's time to ride nigga
Tonight's the night

I got my mind made up, come on
Get it, get into it, get on
I got my nickel tonight nigga
I'm bout to bust in the sly (sly, sly, sly)
Listen (Yeah, hu!)

[Verse 4: Kurupt]
Animal instinct cannibal handheld
Devour multitudes from rapid fire on
Cowards, listen I'm try'na tell ya
Shell shimmy, a rickashay bouncing like solid
Freshly and start violence
Flee between the end scene
Take a flight like college green
From Kansas to Staten Island
I shot the monkey on my back
And its back in the Guiness Book of World Records
I'm in this
The most hated but most loved menace from here to Venice
The Grinch came to steal your money and your better day
Christmas and your little spinach got eaten
Smoke smoke smoking away all day
Any way that you say it nigga just break me off half
Many years ago,
a friend of mine taught me everything about the game
Gave me a nine
So I went straight to the block
Started my grind


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