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2pac & Boot Camp Clik - Thug Pound Lyrics

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[Intro: Tupac]
Live in this motherfucker, Thug Pound bitch
Kurupt, Daz, Makaveli, EDI, Kastro, Hussein, you know bitch
The whole motherfucking clique, we gon' hit your ass up
Cause you know where we're coming from; Death Row BITCH ha ha ha
Aiyyo Kurupt, you're first to blast nigga
And you know how we do it on the West Side nigga
Riding, riding on, what we do?
We're balling, ha ha for real, for real

[Verse One: Kurupt]
For real, I got it bought you the blue steel
Cowards hit the panic button, thinking that it was what it wadn't
Shit is hectic, the bomb Vietnam rhyme Don with the semi-
Auto fracture your torso to your spine
The back cracker smack you with my verbals and graphic grammar
My verbal murder stretches from Alaska to Alabama
HUH! get touched by my Armored Hammer all across the planet
Niggaz crumble like granite from Tahiti to the Mid Atlantic
Probable cause to get hit, shit!
Niggaz best get physically and mentally fit
Sure your whore I ignore, for real and I can tell on the D.L.
I got an Indecent Proposal for her (bitch)
Mashing in a Ford Explorer, hell hound host the horror
And escape from the Box Pandora with something for you
Get rocked by my midnight Glock
Sniper through sound, vocal rival to invade the block
Fucking bitch paid the price of a snitch, that Nicky Scarfo
Coming through the bus, death spreads through camps like Parvo
Young Gotti, corrupted seed with the dope and the green weed
Indeed, I'm out to get high, supply what you need
Mr. Postman, coming through with all the mail
What you need, I got for sale, on a stairwell to Hell

[Break: Tupac]
Aiy, what you need in pocket, nigga?

[Verse Two: Fatal Hussein]
I wake up sparking, to get wild when the streets darken
And players drinking kegs, til y'all niggaz beg Martin
You labelled Paw nervous just know I do this job dirty
Donna Karan, New York, call it Fatal Dog New Jersey
Niggaz ain't seen time, I travel courts and dream crime
My room like the million dollar bill folded with green blinds
Chairs is a hundreds for shams, I run that hole in quickies
Dollar bills is Nintendo's, the windows is folded fifties
Y'all old cops lost it, drinking the scotch Barflies
I don't like movies, so I hit up the Box Office
You're the softest, I'm taking your honeys they Telly pieces
Wearing my fucking dick around their neck like Kelly leashes
My boys and me is poison, we don't get along equal
Fight each other like brothers, it's all good we strong people
More strain on the brain, and the pain I deal with
Ill with nasty niggaz, my whole crew on some real shit
For real bitch, the steel clique, I bill with menaces
Your number one nemesis, paragraphical like Genesis

[Break: Tupac]
Stupid motherfuckers!
Outlaw Immortal bitch, Dogg Pound, Thug Life
You know, how we fucking do this shit!
You stupid motherfuckers talking shit

[Verse Three: Tupac]
Now, take a look inside my mind
That Pen' time made me wise but still I rise
Cause my ambitions as a rider like land mines
Lyrics turn niggaz into smithereens
Music so lethal turn coliseums to murder scenes
I'm Makaveli the Don, that's what they tell me I'm armed
I'm dropping niggaz like bombs, get in that ass like a thong
Picture a felon in your presence
Taking busters back to the Essence
Telling my people, peep my lethal message
Visions of me getting money got me in mash mode
Murderous motives for niggaz stopping my cash flow
You can't fight it, nigga let go
Witness the sound made you bitch ass bow down to Death Row
Mama these niggaz got me fighting these Three Strikes
Showing up in court, fuck what you thought, it's Street Nike's
I put the game down first put my niggaz up on it
Now we're Americas Most Wanted feel that

[Verse Four: Kastro]
UHH! since my only Fear of Death; is Mama crying for help
An OG Daddy wanna ride when I know;
He ain't got shit else since I'm his only soldier
Nobody else gonna roll for me and I know
Without the Row and Immortal Outlaw (Yo, K)
I'll be forgotten for sure
Plus this; Thug Life it got me living
Initiated, player hated, without giving a single fuck
While they're dangling baby all on my nuts (Yeah, nigga)
I be singling, fingering bitches to fuck

[Break: Tupac]
Yeah nigga, bitches is wild niggaz is lame
I hung around with real niggaz, got exposed to the game
Motherfuckers acting crazy busting me in the jaw
Initiated as an Outlaw, ha ha ha ha

[Verse Five: Daz Dillinger]
Yeah motherfucker!
Now a mission ain't a mission if nobody rides
And a mission ain't a mission if nobody dies
And a mission ain't completed, if the enemy don't sleep
Enemies rest in peace, deceased fucking with me (Niggaz is wild)
I got to accomplish a goal
I'm out seeking gold exposed strapped
Gotta let off because I'm rough and raw
Never fell on my knees for shit, cause I demand shit
With this Daz Dillinger drilling you for your shit
On the streets for the sixth time
In and out for the crime, a reckless crimes
That I can earn food stamps, dollars and dimes (Yeah!)
I'm slipping, sliding, fucked up, nigga what-up!
In the cut, flossing like a motherfucker what-up!
East Side, LB, now tell me where you coming from
That ain't where I see things and nigga what's the outcome?

[Verse Six: EDI Amin]
For so many days there's so many ways
We been ducking strays they delivers
But still we're some Bad Boy killers for the sckrillas
I dump in you niggas' livers then watch your body shivered
And you mama quivered from the way you just got lit up
Head up the West Side on my way out
Y'all whole crew should've knew it was on from Makaveli's first day out
Now y'all getting played out, and laid out
For public display, on this day, y'all niggas is history
Cause the whole crew is bitch to me
Now listen to me, EDI, how many of y'all can see me?
Cause I'll attack that ass like Ace attacked DC
Believe me, cause although now I'm just a young stolider
I'm soon to be a gun holder, initiate to the clique
With a left to my lip, now the fight is over

(*Multiple Gun Shots*)

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2pac & Boot Camp Clik lyrics