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2pac & Boot Camp Clik - The Money Lyrics

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[Intro: Daz Dillinger]
Yeah, cruising, doing our thing, you know what I mean?
That nigga Daz, Makaveli, check it out, bitch!

[Verse One: Tupac]
Three words to make a motherfucker's heart burst
I rip the verse, worse nigga when I start to curse
Picture a black hearse, adversaries buried in their Sunday best
He blinked, died in the dark, my gun swayed his chest
But will I die nigga, we all die
So until I die, why must I ride on my enemies until they fry
Father forgive me cause they're not knowing
My glock cocked, niggaz drop when my shots flowing
My definition of a thug nigga
A multimillionaire, started as a drug dealer
I love niggaz, open fire when I blast at you
Everybody dies, Bad Boy massacre, I laugh at you
Holler my name, I reappear, like a G (Makaveli)
No man alive can see me
Motherfuckers making problems, but they get what they deserve
Get destroyed, with these three words, motherfuckers

[Chorus: Bad Azz] 2X
Outlast, if we blast, Outlaw outcast
Only moving for the money so we're coming up (so we're coming up)
We outlast if we blast, Outlaw outcast
Dont slip, nigga we ride (We ride)

[Verse Two: Daz Dillinger]
It's about more money, more dollars, more crack for the fiends
And more weed for the ballers, the spot is hot
From all this fucking bullshit and recommended dope dealers
Getting richer for all my niggaz hit the wall up, in memory
State of our mind, it come right before me
So all you old brad scatter, run for heat, plus the power
Trying to get rid of half these motherfucking bastards
They're hazard to the block
From the gilt with all that bullshit drama they talk
Never put any shit back in the hood
So these motherfuckers think it's all good
If I die or go to jail, I can't quit
From illegal to legitimate
Incarcerated with the Bloods and Crips
They lock me down in the gang you know the spot G
They down to ride and down to shake for me
You will die for it


[Verse Three: Tupac]
Fuck the world, feel the fury of the chosen man
Thug nigga, ten millimeter close in hand
Put them in my range, aimed nigga take fire, watch them die
Should've never fuck around when it's time to ride
Riding low, down a one way, watch for gun play
I hope we find true peace one day
Nobody cries when my dog dies, set them straight
AK automatically, retaliate

[Verse Four: Daz Dillinger]
That nigga Daz and Makaveli on a mission
So don't worry, a lifestyle tells the story
To be worshiping the glory
Coming through on my entourage, getting loose
Prepare for the war, motherfucker bring your juice
Pray to God, that your soul is right
Before you die tonight
And quicker than any man I be riding all night
See the game ain't the same no more
All these motherfucking niggaz ain't the same no more
So we're yelling


[Outro: Daz Dillinger]
Yeah, ride
Ride all night on their bitches
Niggaz ain't afraid, we run up on your ass to blast
Ride all night

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2pac & Boot Camp Clik lyrics