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(the Roots - Tomorrow Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Tomorrow lyrics performed by (the Roots. We have tried to make the Tomorrow song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

[Raheem DeVaughn]
Send a message to God in heaven
Tell Him, I'm thankful to be alive
Cause you sleep from 11 to 7
And work hard from 9 to 5
Cause can't nobody last forever
And everybody has to die
And everybody needs protection
I pray it don't pass me by

Cause everybody needs an angel
And everybody needs to smile
And everybody has an angle
And everybody wants tomorrow right now

[Raheem DeVaughn]
Some say that happiness will never find you
Until you find yourself
Some say that happiness is all around you
It ain't how you measure your wealth, no
I say it's free to be yourself
We all fall short sometimes
It costs nothing...
It costs nothing to help sometimes


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