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$uicideboy$ - O Pana! Lyrics

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[Intro: (x3)]
Oxy contin some on my tail
Crush it up
Hit the blunt (x2)
Crush it up

[VERSE 1 – Yung $now]
Wake up with an ache that fades
Pop two pills with gatorade
Round my neck hang gator fangs
Might reveal more at a later date, but I don’t know
Yung snow kind of go with the flow
Bring a hoe backstage tell her tell me everything you about life
And then I bounce
Roxy hitting hard
I’m feeling fucking sick
I’ll have to smoke a half an ounce just to balance it out
Ruby backing out
Ruby blacking out
Falling fucking deeper I think ruby’s cashing out
Grass is always greener when the grave is lacking crowds
Look who’s laughing now
An audience cracking up you can let the curtains down now
I wallow in sorrow ain’t no tomorrow
Missed a call from slick and woke up in a gown how?
[Verse 2 – $lick $loth]
I just bought ten roxys
Call up oddy then I crush it up
Chronic laced with something
I’m like fuck it let me hit the blunt
Rolling down your block it ain’t shit for the set to crush it up
Told that bitch get out my ear
She needs to chill and hit the blunt
Xanax bars up in my drink before i pour ‘em, crush it up
We never fuck with you fuck boy
Don’t act like you can hit the blunt
Take that motherfucking bat upside your skull and crush it up
So full of them drugs, I might throw up
I knew I shouldn’t have hit the blunt

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