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Mnemic - Ghost Lyrics

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I made you and your hate to socialize in a matter that suits me fine.
So while I breathe in you punched my teeth in.
I tried to explain it but you just, you just don抰 see.

I, I see right through you.

So you do things, mainly bad things.
Is it to satisfy your own neurotic needs.
I got this feeling I抦 just dreaming
but just make sure I抦 awake when you punish me.

Come follow me to that place where we both see what happened to you.
I need to see if it抯 all true.
Confide in me.
I was blind but now...

I see right through all that you do,
but though I see you I know you抮e not here with me
and still I try to explain to you.
How your presence is affecting my state of mind.


Oh suck me in, inside myself
I want to fucking taste myself
It drags me down, your dismal past
And all you want, is to make that last


Don抰 want this, its true what they say
Ignorance is bliss, I抣l find another way
In my mind, it抯 all good now
I don抰 do things, that抯 abnormal
They抣l take me and put me away.
Listen to me when I tell you I抦 not insane

I, I see right through you

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Mnemic lyrics

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