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La Chat - Ghetto Ballin' Lyrics

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Awe Yeah
Hynotize motherf**kin' Minds in Here and we ghetto motherf**kin' ballin
nigga you know what that means that means you might walk up in the projects
in the south and see a 2,500 motherf**kin' benz or a motherf**kin' 72
motherf**kin colors slamed on double duces on some motherf**kin 17s
you know what I'm saying dice games going on, no crystals
Fifths in the back pocket and its going down nigga we on top

Drove to my liver
Pass it to my nigga
Sippin on that liquor
Flossin on you niggas
Riding through the hoody
F**king with that goody
And we on some 20's

[DJ Paul]
Back, Back up Bitch cause we comin through
In the motherf**kin prowler on the back 20 motherf**kin' two's
Skinny nigga with gold's and tattoes a beer belly
but still I make them ho's say I love you
from a motherf**kin pretty boy smile them diamonds in my mouth
make them gals go motherf**kin' wow
Draped in some f**kin' ICE be ERG
or jeans with white motherf**kin tees

[Juicy J]
Ridin Heavy Chevy thang foot on the gas
sippin on that syrup bout to smoke a pack
Niggas know I'm bogus cause I ain't got no tags
Eyes like a China man nothing but lau

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