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Beauty & Brains - One Chance Lyrics

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you had one chance and then you blew it you turned around and torn into it maybe it was never meant to be no from your heart inside out dont you want to scream and shout dont you want to get away from here baby you cant take the wheel and steer its never gonna happen here

Baby, why dont you understand you had one chance, you just turned around and left me all alone dont you know your starten to scare me through my flesh to my bone if the line is dead why are you pickin up the phone, baby, baby, baby, baby, dont you know, you had one chance.

whats up baby dont you kow i know about you and my friend do you just expect me to pretend why are you doing this to me when are you gonna wake up and see were not meant to be (chorus)

one day i realized sometimes its too hard to reconize why did you have to lie i thaught i found my prince charming but it was all a stupid dream plus it wasnt that harming darling wake up and notice were over stop trying to cover all your secrets, you were just another regret!

remember the day we met that was i day i wouldnt ever regret you know the feeling as if the stars fell from the sky then you would wake up and realie it was all a lie!!!! (chorus x2)

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