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Avenue D - My Dirty South Lyrics

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We stole your beat! McClintock Gís!
We stole your beat! Thatís what you get!

Iím a dirty bitch and I like it rough
in the Dirty South I canít enough
ëcuz these dirty boys they get so nasty
they make me horny they so fantastic.

Baby I donít wanna talk,
I just wanna lick your cock
Ooh slap that shit across my face.
Put it in my mouth, give me a taste.
Stop. Donít waste a drop
of that sweet tea, squirt it on my top!

I want yíall to kiss my grits
I want yíall between my biscuits
I want yíall to be all mine
Well fuck me runniní cuz I ainít got time

Iím not a harlot, but Iím in Charlotte
And my drawers get wet when they call me darliní
Ainít no doubt I need to find out why
The others jump for the southern comfort
Címon letís hump for a little while.
I like your smile, style, and they way you treat me
Cuz you act so sweetly.

So boys youíd better step up.
Drag me to the back of your truck.
Fry me with your big fat pickle.
Pour your gravy on my nipples.
You been talkiní some raunchy shit,
but southern boys,
Shut up and gimme that dick.


Your hot ní dirty makes me flirty
love the way you call me purdy
Sayiní things that make me horny
so I go buy you a 40
Yíall know how the story ends,
me you and some of your friends
ëcuz I want lots of southern head.

Iím awful fond of your hospitality.
Donít want to hear none of that morality.
In NYC the boys, theyíre hip,
but they think with their minds and not their dicks.
I want a dirty boy from the dirty south
fuck me all night then bust a nut in my mouth,
Bend me over, treat me rough.
Do it on the porch or the pickup truck.
Hell, I donít care if heís inbred
if his dick is hard and he gives good head.


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